When it comes to solving the evolving challenges of organizations’ IT, a data center provider that delivers robust colocation, rich connectivity, an extensive ecosystem of peers, and enhanced experiences is the greatest asset of all. At 1623 Farnam, we’re proud of our ability to deliver all of these advantages (a statement our customers would agree with) — in fact, it seems like resting on our laurels is the one thing we don’t do. 

Digital transformations have no sense of ‘arrival’ — they’re a continuum, not a destination. These transformations are ongoing, and they’re made up of both small steps and giant leaps toward a more connected, enriched technological business strategy. We take this philosophy to heart as a trusted interconnected edge data center. It’s our job to keep our customers ahead of the game, and that’s a role that we don’t take lightly. We’re always innovating and expanding our capabilities so that you, our customer, can do the same. 

So, when our customer survey revealed that tenants of 1623 Farnam wanted more content and high-value peering opportunities through our Omaha IX connectivity ecosystem, we were keen to answer that call. 

We’re proud to announce that leading, globally recognized hyperscaler Google has just upped its port with us 40G to 100G. This major expansion means more networking advantages are coming your way — and this is only just the beginning. 

With Us, Innovation Comes Easily

One thing that helps 1623 Farnam continuously grow and improve on behalf of our customers is our force of data gravity. What’s data gravity? Well, it’s our ecosystem’s ability to self-improve by naturally attracting more and more peers, and as the ecosystem grows, ports grow in size, and the momentum of the connectivity hub gains more and more traction. By establishing a high-value epicenter for digital transformation, we’ve enabled our ecosystem to rest assured that there will always be more opportunities on the horizon — all you have to do is jump in. 

At 1623, we keep in touch with our customers and their requirements, and we’re happy to say that all we do at this data center comes back to how we’re supporting those tenant demands. This is why our connectivity and colocation hub is the place to be — and it’s why our customers should always keep their eyes peeled for new advantages to be found in our ever-evolving ecosystem. 

To learn more about what advantages our connectivity offering delivers, check out our recent Omaha IX customer survey blog here, or get in touch with our team.