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Omaha IX – The Nexus of the Internet

Omaha IX is the premier Midwest Internet Exchange located directly in the center of the United States. Our proximity to major hyperscale providers, central location and attentive team members help ensure your peering experience is superior. Looking to expand your network without breaking the bank? Peering with Omaha IX is the answer.


Peering doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our dedicated team is experienced and equipped to get even the largest content and service providers up and running. We also provide responsive and personalized service, remaining ready to help you every step of the way. Joining the IX allows you to gain access to our ever-growing ecosystem, connect with some of the leading content providers and augment your network with cost-efficient transport.


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When you join an Internet Exchange, you experience the following benefits:


Resilience via increased redundancy, lowering the chances of downtime on your network

Better Performance

Better performance from closer, more direct routes between operators on the exchange

Expanded Reach

Expanded reach from creating additional paths via the exchange

Larger Bandwidth

Larger bandwidth from spreading out traffic loads across networks connected to the exchange

Lower Costs

Lower costs by eliminating the need to create brand new pathways every time you want to expand your network and avoiding transit costs from third party, upstream carriers

Extra Support

Extra support via a pool of resources provided when you peer

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