Omaha IX Router Server Configuration

General Information

Omaha IX has deployed 2 BIRD route servers running FreeBSD. Each route server is connected to a separate EX4550 Ethernet switch at 1G. The route servers do not forward any traffic and operate strictly on the control-plane.

We recommend multilateral participants establish a BGP session to each route server. The route servers do NOT peer with one another.

IP AddressDescriptionASN Omaha IX Route Server 1 11839 Omaha IX Route Server 2 11839

Default Route Propgation

The default route is not permitted in the route servers and will be filtered.

RFC 1918

RFC1918 addresses are NOT permitted in the route servers and will be filtered.

Community Strings

The route servers support the following community Strings. If no community is specified all accepted routes are forwarded to all peers.

Community Action
0:[peer-ASN] Do NOT advertise to [peer-ASN]
11839:[peer-ASN] Advertise to [peer-ASN]
0:11839 Do NOT advertise to any peer
11839:11839 Advertise to all peers